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Brendan Syrette

Brendan Syrette, founder of Black Fox Fishing, had such a passion for the idea of designing an implement for ice fishing rods, he quit his construction job to work on the plan.

What he came up with was “The Trigger,” an ice fishing rod holder that automatically sets the hook if a fish bites.

The inspiration came to him after a less-than-successful night out on the lake.

“Every time we geared up, we were staying out quite late to catch fish, [we came] back empty handed. Not that I wasn’t getting any bites, but my hookup ratio was no good. We decided there’s got to be another way of getting the fish on the ice.”

And from that idea came the first steps in making The Trigger.

“We can fit anywhere form a 24 inch to 32 inch rod into a rod holder,” he said. “There’s a pin that the last eye on the fishing rod sits on, and your line is threaded over the trigger mechanism.”

“Once the fish bites,” Syrette continued, “the rod springs up, similar to down rigging. You can also play with the pin to adjust the sensitivity … if you’re fishing a fish that isn’t aggressive on the bite. One of my friends says, even if a fish blows a bubble near the line, it will go off.”

Watch the Trigger in Action

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