The best ice fishing rod holder and hook setter on the planet!

The Trigger is designed to be a sturdy ice fishing rod holder that will automatically set the hook if a fish so much as blows a bubble near your line. It’s clever design will significantly increase the amount of fish landed without having a big impact on your wallet!

Set up and ready to fly in
14 seconds

Set up in 14 seconds with no removable parts and you could adjust the sensitivity. The trigger provides a great lip grip, as opposed to the gut hooks that can occur from the free spooling tip downs and tip ups.

With the Trigger you can be reining in bad boys like this.

Once the fish bites the rod springs up, similar to down rigging. You can also play with the pin to adjust the sensitivity if you’re fishing a fish that isn’t aggressive on the bite. Happy customers say, even if a fish blows a bubble near the line, it will go off.

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